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RCBRlogostrip.pngThe Reclaim Our River partnership is now accepting registrations for the Seventh Annual Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta at the Nanticoke River Marina in Blades, DE. This year's epic event is scheduled for Saturday, August 6, at 11:00AM. (The rain date is Sunday, August 7.)

Pre-register your boat by Saturday, July 30, to receive special early-bird pricing of $20 per boat. After that date, registration will increase to $30.

If you'd prefer to pay by check, please download the registration form (, complete, and mail with your check to Nanticoke Watershed Alliance (RCBR in the Memo field), P.O. Box 111, Vienna, MD 21869.

The Regatta is open to participation from individuals, families and friends, schools, youth groups, businesses, and non-profit organizations desiring to build a boat and participate. This is a wonderful team-building experience, giving participants an opportunity to work together toward a common goal and have a lot of fun doing it. Check out for some boat-building suggestions.

Before submitting, please read the rules below or download them from

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Your registration fees pay for trophies and support the Reclaim Our River partnership and projects in the Nanticoke River watershed.

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By signing above and/or participating in this event, I indicate that I have received and read a copy of the 2022 General Rules and hereby agree to abide by the safety rules and/or guidelines governing this Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta. I also hereby waive any claim or right to make any claim against the City of Blades, the Delaware Nature Society, DNREC, the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance, or any group or individual involved in this event. If I am a minor, my guardian will sign on my behalf. By signing this form I understand that photos and videos may be taken for publicity purposes and/or released for advertising the Reclaim Our River Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta.

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Official RCBR Rules

Before You Build: General Rules

  1. Only recycled corrugated cardboard may be used. It can be of any thickness but must not be bonded to any other material such as vinyl. Cardboard coated with resin or a wax-type coating found in packing cases may NOT be used. Teams must provide proof that their cardboard is recycled, such as pictures of their scavenging forays or signed and dated statements from their sources.
  2. Cardboard tubes, wood, metal, foam, or other materials that would aid in flotation or make the hull rigid are prohibited. This restriction applies to the entire boat (keel, transom, ribs, hull, etc.)
  3. No sandbags or similar materials may be used for ballast.
  4. Hulls may (and should) be painted with any Latex paint. No epoxy glues, fiberglass resins or “multi-part” varnishes or paints may be used. Hulls may not be “wrapped” in plastic, duct tape or anything else. Tar based substances like roof coatings or Flex-seal are not permitted, but caulking seams is allowed.
  5. Joints and seams may be glued and/or taped. Duct tape, contact cement, rubber cement, or construction adhesive may be used. Screws and other metal fasteners may be used during the construction of the boat as long as they are removed when the boat is complete.
  6. Design is builder’s choice. Let your “imagination” reign supreme!! Decorations may be made from any material but may not be used to reinforce the actual structure of the boat. Decorations may be removed before the actual race, but a minimum of 50% of the boat’s volume must remain as part of the boat. Failure to meet this rule will result in a 20 second penalty in each race entered.
  7. Boats will be inspected and may be disqualified if found in violation of the above General Rules, (with the exception of rule # 6 which results in a 20 second time penalty).

What to Expect on the Day of the Regatta

  1. Participants must provide their own paddles and Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs). All persons on boats must wear PFDs or will not be allowed to launch.
  2. Prior to the races, boats will be judged for the Pride of the Fleet (best constructed) and Most Whimsical (best decorated) awards. Before and during the race, teams will be judged for Team Spirit (dress, involvement with spectators, team spirit during race, and sportsmanship) and the People’s Choice Award.
  3. During the races, each event will be timed and awards will be given for the fastest times in each division. maximum of two boats will race at one time, unless there is an odd number entered. There will also be a Titanic Award for the most spectacular sinking. (Intentional sinking will disqualify a team.) Boats from any previous year’s event are not eligible but will be allowed to compete together in a Grudge Match.
  4. Participants may have multiple teams paddling the same boat in any event/category. You must notify Steve Childers prior to the beginning of the races with the number of teams you will have and in which event(s) they will be paddling. Boats registered in multiple races will pay the full fee for the first race and $5 for subsequent races.
  5. Participants may “Challenge” any other team to a race (for bragging rights only). No trophy will be awarded. There is a $5 fee for a Challenge Race, to be paid by the challenger.
  6. All entrants must ensure that their portion of the pit area has been cleaned prior to departure after the race. All boats must be removed from the marina after the races.
  7. An all-white space 4” high by 8” wide must be provided on both sides of the bow for your boat number, which will be assigned on race day.
  8. This is a family-friendly event. No alcohol, please!

Notes: Rules are subject to change. All registered participants will be notified in writing if last minute changes are made. Please contact with any questions about the rules or boat construction.                                                  

Some Tips: Caulk the seams of your boat, both inside & out, with a latex caulk such as Alex-plus, let it dry well and then apply as many coats of paint as time will allow. Make sure each coat dries before applying another. Once your boat is painted carefully protect the hull. Unprotected cardboard soaks up water.