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In Search of Birds and Beavers
Date: Saturday, May 14
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

In Search of Birds and Beavers

The Donald R. Henne Memorial Preserve in North Stonington is a case study of the benefits of the Clean Water Act, which is celebrating a half-century of safeguarding the nation’s water resources. On Saturday, May 14th, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, we’ll explore Henne and its wetlands, which have become a haven for fish, aquatic invertebrates, especially dragonflies, aquatic plants, waterfowl, and an assortment of other birds that thrive in wetlands habitats. In a slow-paced, mile and a half, family friendly hike led by Avalonia naturalist Bruce Fellman, we’ll first comb the uplands for returning migratory songbirds and newly awakened Gray tree frogs then follow the trail along the edge of Henne’s freshwater marshes in search of Osprey, tree swallows, which nest in tree holes hammered out by woodpeckers, singing warblers, and the refuge’s signature species, the Great blue heron. A recent heron count documented 22 nests, many of them active, in a rapidly expanding rookery area, and we’ll zero in on the nests to look for the first hatchlings. We’ll also scan the water and the woods for signs of beavers. These premier wetlands architects have recently been very active at Henne and resulted in semi-submerged sections of trail, so wear waterproof boots! Bring binoculars, bug spray, cameras, kids, and your curiosity.

All attendees must be fully vaccinated and, if possible, boosted; since we’ll be outside, masks are not required. For more information and to register, [click on the following link...]; Bruce Fellman can be reached at or by phone: 860-599-4867. Heavy rain will postpone to the 15th, same time.

Photo credit: Bruce Fellman

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