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Nova Scotia Highland Village Society

Your contribution supports permanent protection of lakes, rivers, shorelines, wetlands, and forests in some of Canada’s most beloved and threatened regions.

American Friends of Canadian Conservation operates like a donor-advised fund – accepting gifts of cash, securities, and land from U.S. taxpayers like you who recommend grants to qualified partner organizations. American Friends is a U.S. 501(c)(3) publicly-supported charity; therefore your donation is tax deductible in the U.S.

By contributing on this page, you are requesting that American Friends use your donation (minus a small percentage retained to cover costs of administering the grant program) to make a grant to Nova Scotia Highland Village Society.

The website will issue you a receipt. Your official gift acknowledgement letter for tax purposes will follow via email.

If you prefer to donate via a wire transfer please email or call 360-378-7305 for instructions. To send a check go to the Donate Cash page for instructions.  To donate securities, please call 360-515-7171 (US) or 250-688-1508 (Canada). 


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I understand that the board of American Friends has absolute discretion and exclusive power to decide whether or not to follow my grant recommendation, and that, as required by the Internal Revenue Service, American Friends will not accept contributions earmarked for or directed to a specific Canadian organization.

If American Friends decides to make a grant according to my recommendation, I understand that American Friends will automatically retain a portion of my gift to operate its programs according to this schedule: $30 flat fee for gifts of under $500; 6% of the amount of the gift between $501 -$10,000; 4% of the amount between $10,001 - $100,000; 2% for amounts over $100,000.