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Thriving Marriage Date Night 1 (Recording)

Communication is one of the top challenges in most marriages. However, much like an iceberg, good communication involves more than the words we use. It’s the nonverbal elements behind our words that pack a punch.
In this first Date Night, Chris and Jen share about communication from a new perspective. Join us for a fun evening as they share simple techniques that will be game changers for your communication. Learn to tell the difference between when words help and hurt. This evening will fill your marriage tool-box and leave you feeling energized and connected.
What You'll Recieve:
  • 2 Session Recordings (Approximately 90 minutes each)
  • Session 1 Topics
    • Intro to your brain’s secret circuit and the Joy Switch
    • Building joy with your beloved 
    • Resetting with rest
    • Smiles and stories without words
  • Session 2 Topics
    • Why your brain needs the answer
    • Gaining God's perspective
    • Noticing the need for a breather
    • Harmonizing heart rhythms
  • A variety of Skill Practices which Chris and Jen will lead you through as a couple
  • A PDF Handout which includes:
    • The event slides
    • Practice Instructions
    • An outline of the 19 Relational Skills

*This Registration is for the recording of Date Night #1 which aired on Friday, October 2nd.

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