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2024 Spring Open House/Visitors Day

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Whether it’s your first summer at Tavor or 100th - ALL ARE WELCOME! 

Thank you for registering for the 2024 Spring Open House/Visitors Day! We're so excited to share this opportunity with you to connect/reconnect with our home away from home!

Join us, Sunday, May 26th from 11AM -5PM at Camp Tavor in Three Rivers. MI. Throughout the day there will be opportunities for you to take a stroll around the grounds - or go boating on Lake Kaiser – and we invite you to bring a picnic to share with your loved ones on the kikar!

Please complete the information below so we can plan accordingly, and keep you in the loop of any changes/updates for the days events!


Most Sincerely, 

The Camp Tavor Team

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Please choose all the relevant decades you attended Tavor as either a chanichol or tzevet member
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Spring Open House/Visitors Day

There will be several options throughout the day to connect with Camp Tavor leadership and participate in planned programming. Here is a tentative look at our schedule: 

  • 11AM Gates Open
    • regardless of the time you arrive at camp, ALL families/persons will need to check in with staff upon arrival. 
  • 11:30 - 12:30PM
    • We will be offering tours and a slow walk of the grounds at Camp Tavor
  • 12:30 - 1:45PM
    • Families/guests are invited to bring a picnic with them and luncheon at this time -- and join summer leadership, mazkirut, and board members for a Q+A
  • 11:45AM - 2:30PM
    • Families can join an avodah (work project)
    • Sign up to take out a canoe for a brief trip around Lake Kaiser
    • Join games for kids
    • Learn some rikud dances 
  • 2:45PM - 4PM 
    • Enjoy rikud on the basketball courts  
We know this may change as we get closer to the event, but for now, please choose all time frames that may apply.