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Cat Angels Cat/Kitten Waiting List

Please note:
Filling out this form does not guarantee that we can put your cat or kitten into our program. It is totally dependent upon the space we have available at the time. It may weeks or months until we have room.We recommend you continue to try to place your cat or kitten into other rescues as well. Go to and in the area where it says search for area rescues put in your ZIP Code. A list of area rescue groups will be displayed. Please contact all of them and try to get on everybody’s waitlist. We will contact you if we are able to bring your cat or kitten into our program. Thank you!

Contact Information

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Select all that apply in the case of multiple cats or kittens.
Select all that apply in the case of multiple cats or kittens.

Each cat/kitten requires hundreds of dollars for routine medical care, and exponentially more if there are medical issues. We run on a shoe-string budget and greatly appreciate any help you can give so we can help the cats.

Can you pet it, pick it up or put it in a cat carrier? Would you consider it to be friendly? Would you consider it adoptable?

How you can help the cat/kitten get into our program

Please note that we are only able to bring friendly cats and kittens into our program. If they are not adoptable, then we cannot help. Please make every effort to socialize the cat or kittens.  It is most important to spend lots of time socializing the kittens well before the age of 10 weeks of age.  Play with them, pet them, pick them up gently and hold them. Teach them to accept people as friends. If you can do this, you will be making the difference in the life of a kitten.

Thank you for completing this form. We will be in touch when/if we are ablet to bring the cat/kitten into our program.