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Thursday, December 12
3:00–5:00 PM
John M Wallace Hall
3737 Brooklyn Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98105


While there is growing recognition that immediate and significant action is needed to respond to climate change, only 2 percent of global philanthropy dollars fund climate change projects. Further, most of this money comes from large foundations and goes to large scale climate mitigation projects that focus on reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions. These projects are important, but they do little to help communities currently suffering the effects of changing climate.

Small funders are ideally positioned to fund climate adaptation—that is, projects that help communities prepare for the impacts of climate change.

But what kinds of grassroots climate projects are most effective? And how can small funders best target their funds to address climate action? 

Join us as we explore these questions in a workshop on grassroots climate philanthropy. The event will include a presentation from Pangea Giving intern Elan Wong, who spent the summer researching the landscape of climate-focused philanthropy, and a roundtable discussion on how small funders and grassroots organizations can work together to address climate change's impacts. 



Pangea Giving is a Seattle-based giving circle that funds grassroots community organizations around the world. For more information on our work, visit us at 

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