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Twende, meaning "let's go" in Swahili, aims to promote economic stimulation and empower underserved populations through clean and reliable energy systems—Let's go solar, together!



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Did you know that nearly ONE BILLION people on this planet do not have access to electricity? A billion more do not have access to reliable electricity.

The community of San Juanico in Baja California Sur falls into this second category. With fewer than 10 hours of intermittent electricity access per day, the community health salon that serves its 1,000 residents is unable to provide vital medical services to its clients. With fishing and ranching as the primary methods of income generation, local access to urgent medical care is essential.

The proposed 2.7 kW system will provide the community health center with continuous, 24 hour electricity access powered by the sun and a bank of batteries. This system will be able to power refrigeration of antivenom and diabetes medication, EKG equipment, a defibrillator and round-the-clock access to healthcare.

Please help empower vital healthcare for the San Juanico community by making a generous donation today!



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