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Kadima Membership & Youth Programs Registration

Thank you for joining or renewing your membership with Kadima! Your membership supports the existence and flourishing of this active and progressive community. 

You will need a calculator to fill out this form, as unfortunately it won't automatically add subtotals together. However, we have made it as short and easy as possible to both become a member or renew, and register your child(ren), if any, in Kadima Youth Programs.

Adult Information


Please add post-B'mitzvah age teens as "children" rather than "adults", due to the limitations of our database.

Additional Adults

Children Information

Kadima School Enrollment & Fees

Please select the appropriate age group below for each of your children. If you are unable to pay full school fees, please register by selecting the correct class(es) for your child(ren) and enter the total amount you are able to pay below. If you are unable to pay full fees, this form serves as your school fee reduction request. For more details, see our full policy at

School fees 5784.png

Please choose whether you are paying full fee or reduced fee.

If you need to pay less than the full amount for Kadima School fees, please enter the amount you are able to pay here, and check the "reduced fee" box. For details, see

Member Involvement

Kadima requires and depends upon a 10 hour commitment per year from each member. This helps fuel our activities, events, and our outreach. Please sign up for at least three activities that you are excited about. We will be in touch with opportunities for you to engage and ignite!

Membership Dues and Nadiv Lev

Kadima believes strongly that membership should be available and accessible to all. No one will be turned away due to financial concerns. We suggest that you start your calculations at approximately 1.5% to 2% of your household income, and adjust up or down as needed for the pressures of your particular circumstances. If the cost of the suggested membership pledge is a financial hardship for you, please choose a Nadiv Lev pledge that works for you!

NL tiers graphic 23_24.png

Annual dues of $36 per post b'mitzvah-aged member.
All member households are requested to consider a financial contribution that sustains Kadima and is feasible for you. A recommended starting amount is 1.5% - 2% of your income; we ask that you give what you can. Please see the table above. This is an annual amount, payable either one time or in installments (recommended). If everyone paid the same amount, Nadiv Lev for the year would be $1131 per family, in order to make budget for 2023/2024. Everyone who pays above $1131/year makes it more possible to reach our budget, while being accessible for folks who cannot afford that much.

If you picked "Other amount" in the above dropdown, please enter your custom amount here

Total Pledge

The total amount you intend to give this membership year. We encourage you to consider fulfilling your pledge with a monthly automatic payment, either via credit/debit card/PayPal/ACH (set up in the next form), or via check/bill pay through your credit union or bank.

Add totals from Membership Dues, Nadiv Lev, and Youth Programming Fees (if applicable). Please leave off the '$'. The form won't accept any input but numbers.
If paying by check, please send to Kadima, PO Box 28455, Seattle, WA 98118

Members Only Kadima Member Directory

Being listed in the member directory facilitates community and connection, and having a robust membership directory is an asset to the community. However, for some members it would be imprudent or dangerous to be listed. Therefore all members can choose whether or not to be listed. The listing includes, at a minimum, the below information: The first and last names of all adults on the membership, your Geo Group (the email group you have been assigned based on neighborhood/region), the 1st adult's phone number, and the 1st adult's email address. You may also choose to include the following additional information: Your address, and any children's first names. Each adult on the membership will have their own listing.
All listings in the member directory will include, at a minimum: First and last names of all adults, 1st adult's email address and phone number, and Geo Group. Each adult on the membership will have their own listing. Do you want to be listed in the Kadima Member Directory (which will be available only to members)?
The more information you list in the directory, the more useful the directory is to enable and encourage connections! Please consider adding these additional pieces of information to your listing: