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Self As Universe - Application 2024

Contact Information


Applicant Information

This information is used for scheduling purposes.
Residencies are six weeks. You may come over six consecutive weeks or come twice for three-week sessions. Some artists find it helpful to extend the time range of their project, however please note that we do not cover travel to and from ASITW. (Check all that apply)
Please share the general time of year you would like to be in residence. Note that we do not host residents over the end of year holidays, Mardi Gras, and our festival in November. All residencies begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday.

Project Information

Please note that answering the questions below is NOT the full proprosal. You may copy and paste sections of your full proposal to answer these questions, but be sure to upload your complete proposal to Dropbox as well or your application will not be considered.


List the names and contact information for two professional references who are familiar with your work. References are only contacted for semi-finalists for the award.

Submission Guidelines

Proposals are due by midnight PST on April 3, 2024.

Submit the $25 Application Fee via this form (when you hit the submit button below the payment interface will load)

Please submit the following materials as individual documents in a Dropbox folder. “Share” your folder with and include link below. See Submission Guidelines above for detailed instructions on how to format files for Dropbox.
❑ Proposal of work
❑ Resume
❑ Work Samples
❑ Image list/description (optional)


Before completing your application, please review our FAQ page here.