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Spring 2024 Forest Days Afternoon Adventurers Registration

You must be a current Family Member of the GBC to register for any Forest Days programming.

If you are not are not current and would like to register your child,  please join GBC as Family member using the link below, before proceding with this form.

Join GBC

You may register up to 2 children at a time using this form.





I am the parent or guardian of My Child(ren) who intends to participate in the Forest Days Program operated by Greenwich Botanical Center. I hereby consent to the participation of my child in the Program and release GBC, its officers, directors, agents, and employees from and against any and all claims, including injury to person, or for death, or from loss of, or damage to, property in any way connected to such participation. Further, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless each of the Released Parties, and all of them, from any liability they may incur as a result of My Child’s participation. I fully understand and acknowledge that: 1) risks and dangers exist by virtue of the nature of the Program activities of hiking, climbing, and outdoor games and my child’s participation in hiking, climbing, and outdoor game activities, 2) such activities, my child’s use of equipment related to, and/or participation in such activities may result in injury or illness or death or damage to personal property and 3) these risks and dangers may be increased and damage may occur due to the actions of other participants, or by accidents, forces of nature or other causes. I understand that such risks may arise from foreseeable or unforeseeable causes and that such risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity. I hereby knowingly and voluntarily accept and assume these risks and dangers and the risks of illness, Injury or death or damage to personal property on my behalf and on behalf of my child. In a medical emergency, I grant GBC permission to 1) take my Child to a hospital via motorized vehicle or ambulance and 2) authorize examination and treatment of injuries, x-rays, and any other necessary care for my child. It is my intention that this release shall be interpreted as broadly and inclusively as permitted by law and that it shall be binding on my child, my spouse, all of the members of my family and their heirs, executors and assigns.

Behavior Agreement

I understand that GBC reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time if the staff finds that the program is not suitable for My Child due to repeated conduct by My Child that the staff finds unacceptable and that any refund in such situation will be at GBC's discretion.

Please describe any allergies, handicaps, learning or behavior challenges that you think we should know about

Please list all the names of those permitted to pick up your child(ren) here:
Media Release

GBC assumes permission to copyright, publish, use and reproduce, in whole or in part, alone or with others, any photograph, moving picture, videotape or recording taken or made of My Child, in any medium, for any purpose related to the program, whether or not My Child is named or otherwise identified, and I agree to waive any rights of inspection or approval, unless prior written notification to the contrary is received. 

Cancellation Policy

No refund or credit towards other programs, camps, or events will be given if you cancel your registration. In the instance you must cancel, a donation acknowledgement will be issued to you indicating that the program fee was converted to a charitable contribution.