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Tree Identification at Oakhill

On Saturday, November 18th from 10 am - 12 pm, we'll be partnering with the Land Conservancy of West Michigan to bring you a tree identification walk through Oakhill Cemetery before their annual Holiday Hike. 

The Land Conservancy of West Michigan’s annual Holiday Hike Challenge is a scavenger hunt and tree identification challenge, hosted each year throughout LCWM’s nature preserves. Participants are asked to visit the preserves to locate and identify the tree with a holiday bow tied to it for a chance to win the grand prize! Get ready for the tree identification component of the challenge by studying up with us!



*Oakhill Cemetery was named West Michigan's first arboretum in 2021, with over 25 different tree species. Come walk with our certified arborists to learn about these trees, how to identify them, and ask any questions you have!

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