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Waterford Craft School Class Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in teaching a class at the Waterford Craft School, an educational branch of the Waterford Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non profit in Waterford, VA. We preserve heritage craft traditions, explore contemporary craft using natural materials, foster an appreciation for historic preservation, and inspire the next generation of artisans through hands-on classes.

Please note, in order to complete this form, you will need to upload the following documents:

  • An image(s) depicting the class project(s) (jpg or png files)
  • A class outline if you have not taught this class at the Craft School before (a Word or PDF doc)
  • Your bio (a Word doc, no more than 3 paragraphs)
  • A picture of yourself for our teacher page
  • A materials fee for your class including a list of the material(s) and tool(s) that each student gets to take home (i.e. a drop spindle), please include an image of the tool(s)

Once your proposal has been approved, contracts will be sent via DocuSign (an encrypted form) to the email you provide below.

If you are proposing more than one class, please complete a separate form for each.

Proposals due by June 14, 2024.


Contact Information


(Please type your Facebook and/or Instagram handle and Website url)

Note 2024 classes are set. Please choose December or Other (planning for 2025).
Please indicate the skill level needed for students to take this class. Beginners will have no previous experience with the medium, advanced students will have some previous experience. Some teachers are able to teach to both levels simultaneously in one class, in which case please choose 'both':

We strive to have students leave their class with a finished project. Please keep this in mind when selecting the scope of the project.

Please provide a brief outline describing the hands-on process students will learn in your class.

(i.e.: safety glasses, gloves, apron, etc)

(i.e.: water, extension cords, tables, chairs, blackboard, etc)

A materials fee should reflect the cost of those materials and tools students bring home with them.

If you do not need to close enrollment earlier than one week, please write '1 week'


Please upload photos below of the project(s) students will make in your class, action shots of the project being made (if possible), an example of the tools and/or materials students will use in your class and an instructor photo and bio. Please note, these photos will be used to list your class on our website and promote your class on our social media channels. Please make sure your photos are suitable for this. If you have more photos we can use to promote your class, please send them to The more photos you provide us, the better we are able to promote your class.  

Please upload a jpg or png image file no larger than 2 MB

Please upload a jpb or png file no larger than 2 MB

Please upload a jpg or png image file no larger than 2 MB

Please upload a jpg or png image file no larger than 2 MB

Please upload a Word document including an artist statement and your teaching experience, if any.

Thank you for your interest! If you have further questions, please contact
Tracy Kirkman, Public Programming Director, or 540-882-3018 x 4.

To learn more about the Waterford Foundation, please visit us online,

The Waterford Fair,

The Waterford Craft School,