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“One of the problems that most afflicts this country is that white people don’t know who they are or where they come from.”  – James Baldwin

Roots Deeper Than Whiteness is an online course for people socially classified as white who seek greater emotional resilience and political understanding in their work against racism and for a better future for all.

  • Dates: Feb 24, March 3, March 17, March 24
  • Each session: 5-7pm ET (2-4pm PT)
  • Sliding scale registration fee: $75-$125
  • *No one is turned away for lack of funds.*
  • All sessions will be recorded. Live attendance is not mandatory.
  • Zoom video conferencing platform (w phone call in option)
  • Refunds available until Feb 16 only. Exceptions considered upon request.
  • Homework will be assigned between sessions; please allow 1.5-2 hours per session for outside work and reflection
  • Late registration is open through March 1 only.
  • Questions:
  • This course is actively supported by White Awake Advisory Council Members of Color Betty Burkes, Bonnie Duran, and Katrina Messenger.

If you want more information on the series, click here. If you are ready to register, please follow the prompts and fill out the appropriate fields, below.

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We encourage you to participate in the series with a friend or as part of a group, if at all possible. Participating with others enriches the experience, and grounds your process in local community and/or relationships you already have. Please note that, even when participating as part of a group, each person needs to register independently for the series.

Payment Options

We hope you will pay the full fee if you are able to ($75-$125 acccording to your means). If you can pay full price and make an extra donation to White Awake, great! These donations help White Awake fulfill its mission and goals. If you would like to make a sustaining, monthly donation to White Awake, you can do that here.

If you cannot pay the full fee, no worries! No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Use the box to write in whatever amount you can afford. If you need a full scholarship, simple enter "0" into the custom field.

Regardless of what you pay, please help us cover our credit card processing fees by clicking the "Add 3%" box at the bottom of this form! Thank you. :)

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Attending Live Sessions: Zoom registration & Ground Rules

Completing and submitting this form registers you for the series, however in order to attend live sessions you will need to register separately with Zoom (the video conferencing platform we use for the series). We apologize for the extra step, but until Zoom expands its webinar features, we all have to to a little extra work so that we can access online break out rooms (which create a more intimate, interactive experience).

You will receive a link to register with Zoom in your confirmation email for the series.

Before registering with Zoom, we ask that you agree to our ground rules for live session participation. These ground rules ensure that everyone who participates is able to do the work of the class, per the guidance of the facilitators.

As explained in the ground rules, Roots Deeper Than Whiteness is a white caucus space. If you'd like to read more about racial caucusing, and why this is helpful, we suggest looking over this resource by Ruth King (author of Mindful of Race). If you have additional questions, please reach out:

Read our ground rules for live session participation here.

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