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TAPS Class Registration 2021-2022

Traditional Arts Programs for Students (TAPS) classes are free for any dedicated Mitchell and Yancey County studentsages 10 to 17.

Lessons include:
 Guitar with Sam Maren on
Tuesdays                                                           Guitar with Will Ritter on Tuesdays                                                       Banjo with Sam Maren on Wednesdays 
 Fiddle with William Ritter on Wednesdays

Classes will be held through Zoom during the weeks of November 1- December 16, 2021, and then again January 10 – May 6, 2022, from 4PM – 5PM. The deadline to register is October 22, 2021, with borrowed instrument pick-ups during the week of October 25-29, 2021. 

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Class are held from 4pm-5pm via Zoom on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.