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Do not print this online application. Third Thursday vendor applications are only accepted electronically. If you are unable to complete this application electronically, please contact KFDA at 541-539-6212.

The Third Thursday event is open to artists, craft persons, musicians, concessionaires, exhibitors, and organizations. This is a family friendly event and it is expected that all vendor booths will be suitable for all ages, and that vendors will conduct themselves in a professional manner.


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(We will do our best to accommodate, but can not guarantee that we will be able to provide non-standard space. Also, depending on customized needs, vendor price will vary from published fees).
Vendors using a tent or canopy are REQUIRED to have weights to keep the structure in place in the case of wind. Vendors whose tent/canopy is not secured may be asked to take it down.
(Note that power is an extra charge of $20/event - please make sure to select when you check out!)
Important Vendor Information

Overview: Thank you for your interest in participating in Klamath Falls Downtown Association’s Third Thursday event! To ensure a safe and enjoyable event for everyone, the following Rules & Guidelines will need to be understood and respected by all participants. This also promotes an event that has structure & fairness, knowing what to expect and what is expected. By signing the registration form, you are confirming that you understand and agree to adhere to these Rules & Guidelines. Full guidelines and rules can be downloaded here

Registration: Vendor registration includes one 10x10 space, or the equivalent of 100 square feet. One vendor is allowed per space. Vendors requiring additional space will be charged accordingly. Vendor spaces are limited, and will be granted based on the date and time that the registration is received. Vendor spaces may not be subleased or shared. Registration fees are non-refundable, even if the vendor does not participate in the registered event(s). Registration deadline for all events is Thursday, July 8. Registrations are encouraged and accepted after July 8, and will be accommodated if space and timing allows. Complete payment must accompany the registration - booth assignment will not be made until payment is received. Vendors who register for an event and do not show will lose their booth space for any following events (a new booth space may be reassigned for following events if space allows). Confirmations and space location will be emailed on or before July 8 (or 1 week prior to the August event). To register online visit

Set-Up, Parking & Hours: Third Thursday is open to the public from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Vendors and organizations may begin set-up no earlier than 5:00pm, after street closure barricades have been erected. Participants will not park their vehicles or any additional support/supply vehicles on Main Street except to unload...arrive at 5pm, find your assigned space, unload your gear, and then MOVE your vehicle to a parking area. Note that you may need to move a barricade and replace it to park your vehicle outside the event. DO NOT start setting up your booth until AFTER you have moved your vehicle. Vehicles MAY NOT be parked on side streets within the event between Pine & Klamath. Vendors must begin breaking down their booth immediately at 9:00pm, and food vendors may not take any orders after 8:45pm. Barricades will begin to be removed by 9:15pm and vendors must have all of their equipment and gear moved off of Main Street. Always be extremely careful (patient) when moving a vehicle inside the event.

Booth Layout: The layout, or space locations will be an “Artisan Street Fair” type of arrangement, which means booths ONLY down the middle of Main St. with activities, music and food spaces filling the side street areas. Specific location requests may or may not be available. Space location assignments will be made to facilitate foot traffic flow, safety and specific Theme management. Please work with us to create an event that meets these goals.

Food Vendors: Food Vendors must comply with Klamath County Public Health Department and Klamath County Fire District regulations. Representatives from these agencies may conduct inspections of the vending sites. The vendor is solely responsible for following any and all Federal, State and local regulations pertaining to the preparation and sale of any foods. Call Klamath County Health Dept. at (541) 882-8846.

Electricity: May be available on a very limited basis. Arrangements MUST be made beforehand.

Insurance: Vendors in the Commercial and Food Truck/Food Vendor categories (as well as KFDA members that are not nonprofit or artisan/crafters) must provide proof of insurance with a $1,000,000 limit per each occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate limit. A certificate of insurance MUST be on file with KFDA prior to a booth space being assigned. The certificate must list Klamath Falls Downtown Association as certificate holder and additional insured, and must include a FORM# for Additional Insured Endorsement. Vendors in the artisan/crafter or nonprofit categories may be required to provide a certificate of insurance as well at the sole discretion of Klamath Falls Downtown Association. Vendors in the Food Truck/Food Vendor or Commercial categories who do not have commercial insurance may not participate as a Third Thursday vendor. Contact your insurance agent for questions. Click here for an example of a properly completed certificate of insurance.

Clean Up: All participants must dispose of their own trash, either in provided bins and receptacles or by taking it with them. Vendors are prohibited from leaving trash at the curb. No liquid of any kind shall be disposed in street gutters, storm drains or catch basins. Participants will be held responsible for any damage to city or business property.

Advertisement & Promotion: The Klamath Falls Downtown Association takes pride in coordinating this event for participating businesses, performers, and vendors. All events are advertised via local print and broadcast media as well as Klamath Falls Downtown Association’s social media channels. Participants are welcome and encouraged to share official Third Thursday promotional material.

Eligibility: The Third Thursday event is open to artists, crafts persons, musicians, concessionaires, nonprofits, government agencies, commercial enterprises and food vendors. It is expected that the information, messages, products or services and interaction at all vendor booths is consistent with a family-friendly event, and that all vendor representatives will conduct themselves in a professional manner. KFDA reserves the right to prohibit participation from vendors who do not meet this standard either before or during a Third Thursday event. 


Vendor Category

Per Event

Artisan/Crafter & Nonprofit


Nonprofit with theme-based Activity


KFDA Partners (except food trucks)


Commercial (non-artisan retail/resale)


Food Vendor Booth (hot or prepared foods)


Food Truck:


Electricity (All vendor types):

$20 per event


Contact: Charlie Wyckoff, KFDA Third Thursday Committee Chair, can be reached by phone at (541) 205-6283.

I understand that I am responsible for any loss or damage while handling and exhibiting my property and that the Klamath Falls Downtown Association and their officers, agents, volunteers and employees shall not be liable for any damage to any property submitted or shown during Third Thursday. I agree to legally bind myself, my heirs and my executors and do hereby release the Klamath Falls Downtown Association, its Third Thursday Committee and all sponsors from all liabilities arising from illness, injury and damages I may suffer as a result of my participation in this event. I have read the participation information provided and certify my compliance by submitting this form and providing payment. I further agree to supply evidence of insurance coverage (if required) with my application or with my payment, and that a booth assignment will not be made until I have provided it. I understand that I am responsible for providing my own booth and/or tables and chairs, and meeting all State, City, Fire and Health codes. I understand that Third Thursday is held rain or shine and that no refunds will be provided. I understand that I am not guaranteed a particular space at the Third Thursday event.
Insurance Requirements (new in 2021)

Commercial vendors (including KFDA members that are not an artisan/crafter or nonprofit) and Food Truck/Food vendors are required to provide proof of insurance with $1,000,000 Each Occurrence Limit and $2,000,000 Aggregate Limit. The certificate of insurance must list Klamath Falls Downtown Association as Certificate Holder and Additional Insured and the certificate must provide the form number for Additional Insured Endorsement. Contact your insurance agent for any questions. 

KFDA, at its sole discretion, may require proof of insurance for vendors in other categories as well based on the nature of the business or the nature of the activities that will take place at its vendor booth. By attesting to the certifications below, applicant agrees that KFDA may require proof of insurance prior to assigning a booth space even if the insurance information is not requested during the initial registration. 

Click Here For Sample Certificate of Insurance 


Please upload your scanned or original Certificate of Insurance in .PDF or other image format.
Check the appropriate box below and choose the number of events at right. KFDA may also waive the fee for a nonprofit booth/table if your organization 1) can provide volunteers on the day of the event(s); or 2) will host an activity at your table/booth that is suitable to a family event.

If you are a nonprofit and are requesting a no-charge table/booth space, please indicate how many volunteers you would like to provide for each event, or describe the family-related activity that you will host at your table/booth. (Waiver of the table/booth fee is subject to approval by the 3rd Thursday Committee)
Check the box and select the number of events you would like to sign up for below.
Select the appropriate vendor fee depending on the type of food service you will provide.

You are seeing this message because you selected "KFDA Partner" as the vendor type above. If your organization is not a KFDA Partner (or if you are a KFDA Partner but will be bringing a Food Truck to Third Thursday), please return to the top of the form and select the appropriate vendor type. 

If you are a KFDA member, there is no charge for booth space (power not included). If you require power, please select the number of events in the following field to initiate payment. 

If your table/booth/food truck will need power, check the box below and select the number of events during which you require power.

*** When you click "Submit" below, you will be redirected to the PayPal payment site to pay by credit/debit card. You do not have to login to PayPal to make your payment via credit/debit card. Scroll down past the login information and select "Pay by Credit or Debit Card"


To pay by check, simply close the payment window that opens, then make sure to mail your check (with "Third Thursday" in the memo line) to:

Klamath Falls Downtown Association
PO Box 372
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601