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Evening Band Class - Summer 2023 (cc)

Evening Band Class Summer Session
July 10 - August 4

Plugged In is an inclusive music program that empowers musicians to make positive change in the world with their music.  Plugged In is open to any student regardless of their skill level, race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, economic status, etc.  

Completing our online registration form will take about 5 minutes. Please be aware, there is no option to save an incomplete registration form and return to it at a later time. 

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Plugged In is excited to have you participate in our summer session band class.  Together we can make music that changes the world!

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Band Class Scheduling

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Plugged In's goal is to match each student to a band they will enjoy and thrive in. The more day/time options we can consider while making band placements the more opportunities we have to make the perfect match. To ensure the best possible band placement students are encouraged to provide as many scheduling options as possible. 

Summer 2023 Band Class Session Benefit Concert

Plugged In holds a benefit concert at the end of every session. The benefit concert acts as a recital where students perform the sets they’ve been learning for an audience. In addition to the performance the benefit concert also gives students a unique opportunity to give back to the community. Each benefit concert raises funds and awareness for a charity chosen by the students. The concert shows students they can make positive change in the lives of others by doing something they love, like playing music.

For the Summer Band Class Session, the benefit concert will be on Friday, August 4.  

Benefit Concert Scheduling

We do not accept concert scheduling requests.  All students must be able to perform when scheduled.

As Plugged In continues to grow so have our benefit concerts. To accommodate our growing community the concert format and scheduling policy required updating. We've done so in a way that allows us to craft a stellar show that gives our students, audience, and the charity benefiting from the concert the best possible experience. In addition to creating a better performance experience for everyone, the new policy also allows us to be more thoughtful when scheduling younger students and those with special needs. Finally the new policy will reduce the overall time students are required to be at the show, lessening the scheduling burden on families. Although, we hope you'll enjoy the performances so much you'll stay for the entire show!

Participation - More Than Music
Our community thrives on mutual support and involvement in and out of band class.  It is common for students to participate in more than one band, volunteer to help other students, support other programmatic pieces of Plugged In, etc.  There are many ways that students and families can get more involved in Plugged In, all of which bring our community closer together.
Each session many students participate in more than one band. This provides our students with the opportunity to meet additional musicians, play different types of music, and even try new instruments. Participating in additional bands also helps Plugged In create the best bands possible for all of our students. Any student can elect to be in more than one band. To keep Plugged In sustainable, students can choose to pay for their additional bands. However, to ensure all of our students have access, payment is not required. *We can not guarantee additional band placements. *Students selecting a "your choice" option will be contacted for additional information after your registration is submitted. *Students who choose to pay for their additional bands will be invoiced if placement is successful.
Please check all that apply
Parent volunteers provide support in all areas of Plugged In and are crucial to our continued success. Opportunities include joining our Board of Directors or sub-committees, marketing, and more.
Volunteers provide support in all areas of Plugged In and are crucial to our continued success. Opportunities include joining our Board of Directors or sub-committees, helping with performance set-up and breakdown, marketing, and more.
Please check all that apply.
Please check all that apply

Do you have a particular skill you would like to volunteer? ex: graphic design, book keeping, event planning, etc.

Do you have a particular skill that you would like to volunteer? ex: graphic design, book keeping, event planning, etc.
For more information about private instruction visit

To participate in Plugged In you must read, understand, and agree to the following policies.  If you have questions regarding any of the following policies please contact Plugged In directly.

Read Release of Liability / Indemnity / Emergency Treatment Agreement

Read Media Release Agreement

Read Code of Conduct Agreement

Read Band Configuration Policy

Read Attendance Policy

Read New Student Meeting Policy (new students only)

Reminder: Parent or guardian must attend the new student meeting.