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I agree to disclose no confidential information provided to or accessed by me during my association with Community Resource Initiative (CRI), except as required by law. All information obtained in the course of representation of, or consultation with, any client is confidential. This includes, but is not limited to: (1) any and all materials disclosed by any government agency; (2) any information contained in a client’s or third party’s personal records, including social security records, medical and mental heath records, social services records, educational records, financial records, employment records, vital records, or correctional records; (3) any case-specific information or documentation generated by members of a client’s defense team, including attorneys, investigators, social workers, expert witnesses, consultants, mental health professionals and any other team member; and (4) all information obtained from any potential culpability or mitigation lay witness. If I believe that I am required by law to disclose any such confidential information, I will first notify the Executive Director of CRI. I understand that I have been provided with such information for the sole purpose of my assistance in the representation of, or consultation with, individual clients. I agree to keep this information confidential during and after the term of my association with CRI.
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