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Reading Series: Michael Pollan

This series will cover the plant-focused side of Michael Pollan’s work, beginning with his 1991 debut and culminating with his 2021 bestseller. As a renowned journalist and a true thought-leader on the human diet and emerging psychedelic research, Pollan knows how to convey the complex relationships between people and all the stuff they put in their bodies. He mixes personal narrative with research to create compelling stories. During our three sessions, we will discuss Pollan’s writing style, his structural treatment of the material and the cultural context surrounding these different stages of his career.

Feb. 7 - Second Nature
Mar. 7 - The Botany of Desire
Apr. 4 - This Is Your Mind on Plants

You can find copies of these books at your local library or independent bookstore.

About Reader Series Classes

Reader series classes provide in-depth analysis and discussion of contemporary literature at community-friendly prices and times, taking you on a deep dive into specific topic or author to gain a more advanced understanding of literature and the world. Experienced instructors will provide history, context, and analysis, and guide in-depth discussion that will help make you an expert in a single subject or author’s body of work.

For the best experience in this class, read each book before the assigned meeting. However, you are more than welcome to attend the session even if you have not finished it. No matter your level of prior knowledge, you will receive a wealth of materials and insights in a condensed period, like a masterclass or a great course, only right here in Cleveland.

Instructor: Eric Sandy is a Northeast Ohio journalist and a student in the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts program as a creative nonfiction writer. He was a staff writer and managing editor at Cleveland Scene from 2012-2018, and he is presently the digital editor of Cleveland-based Cannabis Business Times and Hemp Grower. His work has appeared in Men’s Journal, Ralph Lauren magazine, The Cleveland Review of Books, The Athens News, Guesthouse, Earth Island Journal and Relix.

Details: Reader Series: Michael Pollan with Eric Sandy will meet the first Monday of each month: February 7, March 7, and April 4 from 6:30-8:30pm using Zoom video conferencing. 

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