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Paint Party - Aug 22nd

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Come contribute to the Dreaming Stone mural painting project! You will be working with the amazingly talented and kind Eli Sanchez. Volunteers will be fed lunch. You may come for all or part of the day, please just indicate below.

We will send you one reminder email before the event, that includes what might want to bring and what to expect.

We are so grateful that you want to volunteer at Dreaming Stone!

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So that we may provide a lunch that suits your needs
Covid Protocol

We are currently leaning on the cautious side, as the Delta variant is ramping up. Unvacciated folks are permitted to come to outdoor events, such as this one, and are expected to wear masks when going inside for any reason. The risks of this pandemic are changing all the time, and our protocols occasionally adjust so as to minimize risk and be safe. We reserve the right to shift our protocol between now and this event.

Currently, we are asking folks to share their vaccination level sot that we may strategize how to integrate you into the work projects (whether they be outside or inside) and to maintain transparency with participants about their risks of exposure when attending such events. Our purpose is not to judge, but to responsibly manage health risks. We appreciate your honesty!


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