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All students deserve the opportunity to have the education that works best for them. Pullman Community Montessori (PCM) will serve our community by offering an alternate high-quality proven community-centric education model to ensure ALL students receive the education that fits their needs. PCM’s Grades K-9 education program is personalized to students’ needs and prepares them, through rigorous academics, a robust social emotional program, and career and life skills development, to ensure every student has the opportunity, skills, and mindset to be successful in college, career, and life. Montessori is a universally designed developmental education model that recognizes children as innate seekers and developers of knowledge. PCM’s place-based Montessori approach builds a strong whole-child foundation, both in executive functioning skills and academics, while fostering students’ love of learning and guiding students to be self-empowered life-long learners, global citizens, environmental stewards, and compassionate and collaborative leaders, capable of bringing positive changes to their communities and the world!


PCM offers an innovative approach to whole-child education. Whole-child education seeks to help each student develop the full suite of 21st century skills and mindsets to open more doors to them and increase their potential for success in any endeavor they pursue. PCM’s developmental model and status as a public charter school allows us to reimagine the school day, how students are grouped, how they transition throughout the day, and how they interact with teachers and curriculum.


Any little bit helps support our programs healthy startup and supports! PCM’s five-year budget puts PCM on firmly solid ground with its core program sustainable on state funding by year 5. To ensure success during our startup years PCM needs support in the following areas:

  • Year 1: Outdoor play structure and garden beds. PCM students engage in outdoor play, not only within our community, but in Gladish’s outdoor space.  PCM students will have their own private play area that is in need of play structures for younger and older students.  As a high-fidelity Montessori program PCM will integrate opportunities for students to engage in nature by adding raised garden beds in the common outdoor play area. This will also offer students the opportunity to grow food for the local food banks and sell produce at market stands.
  • Year 1: The extra technology to support a hybrid program design that poises all students and staff to pivot from in-person to virtual learning in the event of a school closure requires extra technology fund resources.
  • Classroom Materials: Acquisition of a full complement of AMI Montessori aligned materials and furnishing for each K-6th grade classroom is essential to offer students the aesthetically pleasing hands on materials that have been shown to engage students and help them develop a strong concrete understanding before moving on to abstraction. These durable non-disposable materials take a substantial input of cost up front but result in lower spending over the years.
  • Specialty Materials: STEAM kits and materials to support place-based project learning are essential to ensuring students have the hands on opportunities necessary to build understanding. PCM will use FOSS (Full Option Science System) kits and a subscription to Backpack Science to support teachers at all levels to deliver engaging NGSS standards aligned activities that reflect student interested and connect with our community.
  • Classroom Library Expansion: Montessori education is ingrained with curriculum and practices to grow individuals global perspectives. PCM also relies heavily on visits to our local public library to provide students personalize resources and grow their familiarity with library use. With that said, each classroom maintains a rotating library of books to enrich students reading and research options.  PCM uses Teaching Tolerance to guide vetting of resources to provide a library that is inclusive, anti-racist and bias, and represents our diverse student population.
  • Specialty Programming: Expanding opportunities for all students by taking them on longer outing to places like the Kamiak Butte County Park, Eastern Washington Regional Science and Engineering Fair, Science on Ice, The Washington Idaho Symphony, and Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival requires extra resources.

You can request your funding go towards a specific category or make a general donation that allows the school to allocate funding to the highest needs areas listed above.


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