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FreshConnect Fellowship 2023 Application


The FreshConnect Fellowship is a great way to further your involvement in Hillel, gain leadership skills, network with Michigan students, and take a hands-on role in creating the Jewish community YOU want to be a part of on campus. 

FreshConnect Chairs - leaders from the class of 2025 (~4 people)

FreshConnect Fellows - leaders from the class of 2026 (~20-30 people)

FYSH- events and opportunities for first year students (2026/2027)


The FreshConnect Fellowship is the right fit for you if:

  • You are looking to take on a more significant involvement in Hillel
  • You are excited to meet and build community with Jewish students, including those from different backgrounds, social circles, involvements on campus, etc.
  • You are interested in mentorship opportunities, both in being mentored and in serving as a mentor
  • You like free coffee/tea/Joe's pizza
  • You like to have fun!

What does the fellowship look like?

  • Getting coffee with at least 2 Jewish freshmen a month (not your best friends and not people already super involved at Hillel!) we will talk more about who/how/when/why coffee on Dec 4th 
  • Helping plan events! We will brainstorm together the types of events we want to have for the semester and then create a committee for each event. Each committee will have 1 chair and 2-5 fellows. You will meet according to your own schedules before the event. Once the event is done, you can join a new committee! 
    • ex: there can be a committee for people who plan the freshmen passover seder! You will decide on a time that works best for everyone on the committee, meet 2-4 times before passover & then help lead the event! 
    • ex: there can be a south quad committee for March! You will decide on a time that works best for everyone on the committee, meet 2-4 times in Jan/Feb & then help lead the event in March! 
  • there will be one committee that plans the welcome retreat & welcome week events but everyone will be expected to help lead the events in August! 
  • regular lunch meetings as a cohort!
  • helping organize anything else you think the class of 2026 would benefit from! 

Commitment (December 2022 to welcome week 2023)

Plan on committing 2 hours a week to this fellowship for the next year! Some potential responsibilities may include 

  • meeting 2x a month with all chairs and all fellows (Sunday lunchtime) 
  • joining at least one event planning committee for the semester & attending those meetings
  • attending at least 4 shabbat dinners at Hillel throughout the semester 
  • attending the events we plan (schmoozing with freshmen you don't know, helping set up and clean up etc)
  • recruiting new Jewish freshmen to the Hillel community (texting people to invite them to events, coffee)
  • engaging with Jewish freshmen already connected to Hillel (getting coffee with people, helping connect them to groups they would enjoy at Hillel)
  • serving as a representative of your class 
  • serving as a representative of Hillel
  • attending all of the welcome week events we plan for freshmen August 2023
  • anything else Sarah/the chairs ask for! This is a new structure for the fellowship so we will be finalizing roles & opportunities as we go!

Leadership opportunities after welcome week might include 

  • staying on to help plan events with/for the class of 2027
  • mentoring freshmen from the class of 2027
  • applying to be a Hillel connect fellow (getting coffee and planning events for the general community, not just freshmen) 
  • applying to be a leader for another Hillel group or committee  

Application timeline: 

Nov 20- application closes (11:59pm)

Nov 28-Dec 1 - coffee conversations at Starbucks (south u)

if accepted, save the date for Dec 4 - first fellowship meeting 12-1 at Hillel (lunch provided) and latkes in the dorm at 1:30! 



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Freshman Feedback

The way we are able to make this program (and all events at Hillel) possible are through grants and donations! Please help us by answering the questions below to help us report back how much of a success this program was! Your answers (or if you don't fill them out) will not affect your application at all! Your name will not be attached to the answers we give donors!

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