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Auckland Council Fund - 2023

Application guidelines
  1. We stronly recommend discussing your application and project with your QEII regional representative before applying for a grant.

  2. You can upload supporting documents at the relevant sections and also at the end of the form.

  3. To make the text response boxes bigger, drag the right lower corner into a larger rectangle.

  4. Unfortunately you will not be able to save information in your form part way through then return to it - this application form must be completed in one session or information will be lost. We suggest preparing your answers before beginning so you'll have all the necessary information ready to assist in completing the form. 

  5. The minimum grant is $2,000 and the maximum is $23,000 (figures incl GST).

  6. * Indicates a required field.

Part 1 - Terms & Conditions

It is a prerequisite of applying that you have read the Terms & Conditions of the fund. Click here for the Terms & Conditions. 

Part 2 - Applicant & covenant information


Part 3 - Project information

Please describe your project plan. This should include detail on: 

  • What you plan to do
  • When project works will take place
  • Project area (ha)
  • If you’ll be engaging a contractor
  • A species list (for revegetation projects)
  • What you hope to achieve on the covenant

Please note
Your application may not be eligible for consideration if it does not include the information above. 

You can either write your project plan into the box below, or attach it as a separate document.

QEII's eco-sourcing guidelines can be found here.

Applications for multi-year grants will be accepted for the following project types: a) Pest plant control; b) Predator control; c) Revegetation

Part 4 - Project costs

  1. You are required to submit a budget with your application outlining project costs.
    You can submit your own budget document or download a budget template here.

  2. Applications must include minimum one-third financial or in-kind contribution towards project costs from the applicant. For example, if your project’s total value is $9,000, you can apply for a $6,000 grant and must contribute $3,000 (financially or in-kind). The exception to this criterion is if you are submitting a hardship application.

  3. Please outline in your budget if your contribution is to be financial, in-kind, or a combination of the two. In-kind contributions can include labour, project preparation, transport costs, and machinery costs. If you are including in-kind contributions, please state the expected number of work hours.

    In-kind labour $27.50/hour
    Mileage 0.95c/km
    Use of personal machinery (e.g. tractor, quad bike, ute) Up to $40/day

  4. If your project includes funding from another source, this information must be included in your application. Once that contribution amount has been considered, your contribution need only be as outlined above, i.e. minimum one-third of the remainder.

  5. Please include in your budget if you intend to engage a contractor. Quotes from contractors must be included with your application. Materials or equipment included in your budget require quotes or an example of the order submitted with your application.

Contribution amounts
The minimum grant you can apply for is $2,000 and the maximum is $23,000
Please provide GST inclusive figures only.

Part 5 - Hardship applications

In exceptional circumstances a landowner may apply citing hardship. The hardship application option is intended to provide recovery support for covenants impacted by adverse events.

  • Hardship applications must meet one of the criteria outlined here on our website.
  • Your regional representative must be informed of your intention to apply for funding support based on hardship.

The applicant contribution may be reduced or up to 100% of project costs covered for projects determined to meet the hardship criteria. Please refer to the hardship criteria here.

Part 6 - If your application is successful

We aim to ensure the invoicing and reimbursement process works well for both parties, and there will be a couple of options available to you.

Invoicing options

  1. Submit a reimbursement invoice for agreed grant costs you have covered (QEII template provided)
  2. Contractor/supplier may invoice QEII directly
Part 7 - Applicant confirmation

If your application does not include the information outlined above it may not be eligible for consideration.

You must have:

  1. Read the Terms & Conditions
  2. Included a full project plan
  3. Attached your budget
  4. Included quotes from contractors, and quotes or example orders for materials or equipment

Contact details
If you have any queries about the application process, please email:
If you would like any advice on a proposed project, please contact your  regional representative.