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Native Plants: Nurturing Nature and Our Community Vendor Sign Up

 This event will be held on Saturday June 8th from 10-2. All vendors must fillout this form to reserve and pay for their booth space.

Last day to submit your vendor form and payment is 12 PM on May 3, 2024

Program: Native Plants: Nurturing Nature and Our Community

Date: Saturday, 6/8/2024

Set Up: Saturday, 6/8/2024 from 8am-9:30am

Tear Down: 2pm on Saturday 6/8/2024, but not before.

Event Hours: 6/8/2024 Saturday 10a-2p

Location: Coy Middle School 1786 Dayton Xenia Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45385



Beaver Creek Wetlands Association

1999 Dayton Xenia Rd. Beavercreek, OH


Beth Edsall (Outreach Director)

Shandah Brannen (Admin Coordinator)


Financial Commitment

$40 Vendor Fee Paid via Credit Card or cash ONLY.

Set Up: We ask that all vendors set up on Saturday, 6/8/2024 from 8am-9:30am. The event starts at 10a. Please do not come earlier than 8am for set up.

Tear Down: Vendors can begin tearing down promptly at 2pm on Saturday 6/8/2024, but not before.

Vendor Space: You will receive a map of the location and be assigned a reserved, numbered booth space no later than May 31, 2024.  Spaces are 10x10 or 10x20. The larger size is intended for vendors selling native plants.  Bring your own display table(s), 1-2 chairs. Optional: bring a canopy. If you require electricity, you must provide your own generator.

Selling Guidelines: All products, services, and items being sold or displayed, must align with the concept of “connecting people to nature.” Native plant vendors must sell only straight native species labeled with their scientific name. Selling any non-native species, nativars, and cultivars is not permitted. Participate in the duration of the event by staffing your vendor space and interacting with the public from 10am-2pm on 6/8/2024.

Event Attendance: This event is free and open to the public. Attendees will be able to shop throughout the 10am-2pm timeframe. There will be one 20-30 min speaker on a native plant/conservation topic per hour during this event. Speakers will present inside the building. Weather permitting vendors will be in the courtyard space directly accessible by double glass doors to the presentation space.

Rain contingency: This event will occur rain or shine. Vendors will be located inside the building in a separate room from the speakers.

Event Promotion: We will email notice of this event out to our email list of almost 3000 area residents. We will market on social media and encourage you to do the same. We will also put out a press release to promote the event.

Statements of Understanding

Exhibitors and participants understand and agree that Beaver Creek Wetlands Association and Beavercreek City Schools are not responsible for their safety or well-being, during or after participation in this event. Furthermore, Beaver Creek Wetlands Association and Beavercreek City Schools are not responsible for the safety or well-being of vehicles, and/or any personal property that have been brought to the Native Plant Event at Coy Middle School.

FORCE MAJEURE Neither party will hold the other liable for failure to comply with any terms or conditions of the Agreement when such failure to comply has been caused by fire, labor dispute, strike, war, insurrection, terrorism, government restriction, acts of God, or the Covid-19 pandemic beyond the reasonable controls of the parties, provided the party failing to comply uses all reasonable diligence to remedy such failure as promptly as practicable.

HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT (EXHIBITOR) shall indemnify, and hold harmless, Beaver Creek Wetlands Association and its respective officers, directors, affiliates, partners including Beavercreek City Schools, volunteers, and employees against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses, including but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and charges, and court and arbitration costs, arising out of or in any way connected with or related to: (a) (EXHIBITOR)’s breach of this Agreement; or (b) personal injury, illness, death, economic loss, and property damage arising out of the negligent performance of the exhibitor’s responsibilities listed above.

No refund or credit will be issued if a cancellation of space occurs 14 days or less prior to event date. Last day to submit payment for registrations by 12 PM on May 3, 2024.

Any exhibitor that violates any of the responsibilities and guidelines outlined in this agreement may be asked to immediately leave the event and will lose privileges to reserve space in the future with Beaver Creek Wetlands. No refund or credit will be issued.

An electronic signature is an acceptable form to show your intent to sign this document. We encourage the use of the electronic signature box provided in the form below or other digital signature mechanism that provides a date stamp and other methods that assist in the confirmation of intent. Other acceptable forms include signing, scanning, and e-mailing the document, signing and hand delivering, or signing and mailing.

I have read and understand the responsibilities of reserving space with Beaver Creek Wetlands Association and am aware of the penalties for violations. I will communicate the details of this agreement to all necessary parties.


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