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Help Us Heat 144 Howe! 


Heat 144 Howe is a unique challenge during the month of October. We have a tree with 144 leaves. Each leaf represents a dollar amount, from $1 all the way up to $144. When you total it all up, it equals $10,000 - the exact amount we need to heat our building, which is located on 144 Howe Street!


  1. Choose your leaf and the amount you will donate! 
  2. After making your donation, that leaf will “fall” from the tree and that amount can no longer be donated.
  3. If the amount that you would like to donate has already been donated, your donation will be combined with another person’s donation to reach a higher amount. Both of you will be recognized!
  4. Check out the daily recognition post! For every person who donates, they will be recognized on Tree Street’s social media, website, and at our youth center.
  5. Prefer to remain anonymous? No problem! Just make sure you specify that in the question "Is it okay to recognize your name and your donation amount?" in the form below.

Thank you for supporting Tree Street Youth

Together, we can Heat 144 Howe! 

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We will post a daily list of the donors and their donation amount to Heat 144 Howe on our social media accounts, website, and in the lobby at Tree Street Youth center. Please choose whether or not you consent to having your name and donation amount recognized by Tree Street Youth.

Please provide the first and last names of the individuals who are contributing to this amount who would like to be recognized.