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Shipping, Delivery and Pickup Options

The GiveNKind Center in Buffalo Grove, IL can accept immediate delivery of your donation to save your company on storage fees. These costs may be tax deductible as part of your donation (consult your tax professional). Are you interested in learning more about this option?
Shipping Instructions

Please ship items to:

1000 Asbury Drive
Unit 5
Buffalo Grove, IL  60089


Please note that GiveNKind does not assume the cost of shipping.

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Deliveries are accepted Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the GiveNKind Center, 1000 Asbury Drive, Unit 5, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


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Thank you to donors

GiveNKind thanks businesses via social media for donating goods for the community through GiveNKind. If you would like your company to be tagged in a social media post, please include your company's social media handles. You may opt out below.