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How to Publish a Book

This fun, powerful introduction to publishing shows you how to share your work with much larger audiences. Whether you’re working with a publisher or self-publishing, you’ll benefit by applying your essential knowledge of publishing basics. This includes identifying your audience, writing, promoting and distributing your work.
Workshop leader, Dan Cody, has written, published and sold his books on and other platforms. He has helped dozens of content creators across the U.S. publish written works that grew their audiences. Dan builds on a simple and powerful idea—working from “right to left,” back from your intended audience, to learn what they read and where they find it. Dan uses PowerPoint to share real-life examples of how to successfully share your writing with the world.
Dan Cody (a.k.a. Jason M. Sherman) is a fun and informative workshop leader. He’s facilitated hundreds of highly-rated workshops across the U.S. and Canada. Dan has helped more than thirty groups create award-winning content that engages and grows their audiences. Dan’s writing appears in trade magazines, corporate newsletters and books, including the satirical, “The Skiers Gift Book That’s Sweeping the Globe.” Dan publishes and sells his books on and many other platforms. 
Introduction to Publishing: How to Get More Readers with Dan Cody takes place Wednesday, June 8 from 7-9pm remotely online via Zoom.
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