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Community Healing Network is the only organization focused exclusively on extinguishing the root cause of the dehumanization of Black people: the lie that blackness is inferior.

In 2022, CHN made significant strides in supporting Black people across Global Africa in their journey toward emotional emancipation:

  • Nearly 2000 people joined our Weekly Emotional Lunch Breaks, an online space for emotional rest and refreshment, from places as near as Canada and as far away as the United Kingdom
  • 121 people began their journey toward emotional emancipation through the Virtual Emotional Emancipation Circle 101 Intensive Experience
  • 61 local leaders were trained as Emotional Emancipation Circle Facilitators and will mobilize others to join them on the journey toward complete freedom from the lie!


Help Us Build the Global Grassroots Movement for the Emotional Emancipation of Black People Today!



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