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Marketing / Events Submission Survey

Muppies Leaders: Use this form to submit marketing and event information from Global! A Global Team member will be in touch about next steps.


  • Marketing / Events submission form should be completed 4 weeks in advance of the event. With less than 4 weeks’ notice, Global cannot guarantee robust event and marketing support.
  • Cities must provide all copy and provide necessary details. Global will not create copy on behalf of cities.
    Global will make light edits to copy as needed and will only consult with Cities if any information needs to be amended. 
  • Global is responsible for creating, publishing, and sharing the event registration form and marketing material to agreed upon parties. 
  • The City’s / Team's email will be listed on Eventzilla registration pages for questions from the general public and sales updates, but committees will not have access to the Eventzilla account. 

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Please note that the registration page will include the [city] email address. Interested guests will be directed to this email for further event-related questions.


e.g 00:00pm

e.g 00:00pm

Please share the following links, where applicable:


If this is a sponsored event:

Please share the following links, where applicable:


If this is an event held in partnership with another entity:

Please share the following links, where applicable: