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Lauren Jones Charlottesville Marathon Run to help Pets:

for each mile ran, funds will be donated to sponsor our adoptable pets adoption fees.

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Sponsored Miles

Mile 1, cat - Gibson, sponsored by Steph and Chuck,  "The first mile is always the toughest! We wanted to sponsor Gibson because we know adult black cats have a tough time getting adopted but they are worth the wait! xoxo! Steph & Chuck"

Mile 2, adult cat - Raja, sponsored by Scott Bravata, "Happy Birthday Tammy!  Good Luck Lauren!"

Mile 3, cat - Gracie, sponsored by Dan and Janet Jones, "Sponsoring in honor of Lauren's Grandparents, Dick and Bonnie Jones and Paul Arneson.  You go girl!  :)" Gracie has been adopted!  Thank you for sponsoring!

Mile 4, dog - Renly, sponsored by Josh and Britt Pederson, "Kill it Lo!  Best of Luck.  Britt and Josh" - Renly has been adopted!  Thank you for sponsoring!

Mile 5, adult cat - Leona, sponsored by Lauren Jones "in honor of Rue who was rescued from the Lynchburg Humane Society in January.  And in memory of Lauren's first dog Sophie who was also a rescued pet." 

Mile 6, cat - Mew Two, sponsored by Jeanine Cooper "Hey Lauren! Good luck with your race! Although I am not a huge fan of cats my kids were fans of Pokemon so I am sponsoring Mew Two!"

Mile 7, cat - Hawthorne, sponsored by Matt and Laura Jones "Good luck Hawthorne and Lauren!" Hawthorne has been adopted!  Thank you for sponsoring!

Mile 8, dog - Boss, sponsored by  Kayla Cooper "#LIKEABOSS - Love, Kayla and Joel"

Mile 9, cat - Claire, sponsored by KC and Julie Jones, "Good luck Lauren!  

Mile 10, dog - Rex, sponsored by Stacey Heitkamp

Mile 11, puppy, sponsored by Becky Hawkins "Keep to your pace and breathe!!"

Mile 12, cat - Billy Jack, sponsored by Kacie Vavrek "Good Luck!!! -Hank

Mile 13, cat - Salvo, sponsored by Celia Sabo, "Lucky Mile 13! Halfway there!! Sabo annd Salvo are cheering you on!  You got this Lojo!

Mile 14, dog - Gypsy Rose sponsored by Chris and Scott "Good luck Lauren!!"

Mile 15, dog - Bryant, sponsored by Kristin Rey, "You go Lo!  Love, Kirstin and Jake!!"

Mile 16, dog - Pup Pup, sponsored by Dan and Janet Jones, "Colorado Connection" - Pup Pup has been adopted!  Thank you for sponsoring!

Mile 17, dog - Doug, sponsored by Dean Jones - Doug has been adopted!  Thank you for sponsoring!

Mile 18, dog - Ellie Mae, sponsored by Thomas and Trisha Bravata. "YOU GO LO! LOVE THOMAS & TRISHA"

Mile 19, dog - Brownie, sponsored by Matt and Laura Jones "Good luck Brownie and Lauren!" Brownie has been adopted!  Thank you for sponsoring!

Mile 20, cat - Edgar, sponsored by Liberty University Women's Lacrosse Team

Mile 21, cat - Pepper Ann, sponsored by Taryn "Yay, I love this! Animals and running! Get it Lo! Good luck :)"

Mile 22, dog - Nolan, sponsored by Scott Miller "Good luck babe! You're going to rock this marathon! Can't wait to be there to support you! Love you!"

Mile 23, cat - Major, sponsored by Darcie Vanner

Mile 24, cat - Silverbell, sponsored by Ryan and Maggie Carr "Good Luck Lauren and thank you for blessing all these animals! Hoping that Silverbell gets adopted now before her 2 year mark at the shelter."

Mile 25, dog - Bill, sponsored by Dave Jones

Mile 26, dog - Scrap, sponosored by Becky Hawkins "Scrap really wants you to get to that last mile! Go for it!"

Mile 26.2, hamster- Chubs, sponsored by Matt and Laura Jones, "Indy and Tess wanted to sponsor Chubs because he sounds like a cool guy to them" Chubs has been adopted!  Thank you for sponsoring!