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CPR and AED Use Training Quiz


To display your learning outcome and receive verification of completing this CPR/AED training, please take this 14 question quiz.

After you finish and submit the quiz, we will review it and email your verification. 

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Video Quiz

The correct answer is:  Look around to see if there’s anything that could potentially hurt you or the victim

This is called scanning the scene. You want to check for hazards. 

The correct answer is: Shake the victim by the shoulders and shout “Hey! Hey! Can you hear me?!"

Be sure the victim is unconscious before performing CPR.

The correct answer is: Tell someone to call 911 if possible

Don't forget to call 911. 

The correct answer is: True

Do not perform CPR if you can detect someone's pulse. 

The correct answer is: Expose the chest and begin CPR

Do not panic. Expose the victim's chest to begin CPR. 

The correct answer is: Place one hand over top of the other hand, in the center of the chest, over top of the sternum. Move over top of the victim with knees shoulder-width apart. Elbows locked into position.

Elbows locked. Knees shoulder-width apart.

The correct answer is: Compress down on the chest 2 inches, and then come back up 2 inches, to a beat of 120 beats per minute.
The correct answer is: True

AEDs can be used on everyone, but there are a few considerations to make for small children and people with pacemakers.

The correct answer is: True
The correct answer is: True
The correct answer is: True
The correct answer is: True

Listen for and follow the AED's instructions about when to stop and resume chest compressions. 

The correct answer is: True

Be sure to not touch the victim while the AED is delivering a shock. 

The correct answer is: All of the above