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Marcellus Policy Fellowship Fall 2023 Application

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Issue Questions

Please follow the instructions for the issue questions below. Limit your answers to three paragraphs per question, maximum


Issue Question 1:

Answer one of these three questions:

  • Should the United States maintain its troop presence in Syria? Explain your reasoning.
  • Was NATO's 2008 Bucharest Declaration pledging to support the eventual accession of Georgia and Ukraine into the alliance a mistake for U.S. national security interests? Explain your reasoning.
  • You are National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. There has been growing tension between China and Nepal. Intelligence agencies advise that China is massing forces on Nepal's border, and communications intercepts suggest a plan that China may invade the country and integrate it into China. India approaches the United States and proposes the immediate deployment of a joint U.S.-Indian military force to deter a potential Chinese invasion. How would you advise the President to respond to the Indian proposal to defend Nepal with military force?

Issue Question 2:

Describe how one of your favorite elements of pop culture (movie, song, TV show, book, etc.) illustrates a principle of international relations theory or a lesson for U.S. foreign policy. Is it instructive? Why?