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Tuition / Fee Online Payment

Concord Lutheran Academy charges tuition to all its students. Regular monthly payments are critical to the support of
the program of Christian education offered by Concord Lutheran Academy (CLA). Keeping your account current per the
payment plan you have selected is the responsibility of each signer of this Contract.

The Southern California Lutheran Elementary School Association (SCLESA) has adopted the following policy outlining the process followed when a tuition delinquency occurs:
It is your responsibility to contact the CLA office immediately should you be unable to maintain your agreed payment plan.
• If a bank deduction is denied for any reason (insufficient funds, account closed, etc.), an additional $30.00 fee will be assessed for each
occurrence thereof.

*Note: For multiple children - select the custom amount and enter the combined monthly tuition payment per your contract.

Please list the fees being paid by amount submitted (Tuition, Hot Lunch, Field trip/Shirts/etc.)


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