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Discovery Program for Children

Visit Littleton Community Farm: One-hour exploration

Thank you for your interest in visiting Littleton Community Farm. We look forward to seeing you on the farm! Please complete the information below and submit payment to ensure your date and time.

If you have not yet arranged the date and time to vist, please email Director of Education Ronit Ben-Shir at for more information. 

During this exploratory hour at the farm, the children will get a tour and learn about the different foods we grow and the work that is involved in getting food to the table. Our visitors will spend time in the field, identify the different produce being grown, and engage the senses by smelling and tasting samples as we go. They will also participate in a seasonally appropriate, hands-on activity. This program provides the perfect opportunity to observe and feel comfortable in their natural environment while providing the foundation for understanding how nature can provide for us.

Fee: $5 per child. Runs April to October. 20 students maximum per visit.

Contact Information

Please indicate if you will give us permission to photograph or video record during your visit to Littleton Community Farm. Photographs and recordings may potentially be used on LCF's website, Facebook or other marketing publications.
Farm Policy

We are excited that your program is visiting us at the farm. Children require special attention and supervision when they visit, and should be escorted by an adult at all times. If you are coming to the farm with any children under your supervision, your first responsibility is to oversee their actions and ensure their safety, and that they do not roam away or damage any of the farm's crops or property. Remember also that children may be more sensitive to the dehydrating effects of sun, heat and wind. Please ensure that they wear adequate sunscreen, appropriate clothing and drink adequate amounts of fluid while visiting. Please be mindful if farm machinery is being used, and keep children away from the machinery. We discourage all participants from entering forested and stone wall areas on the farm due to risk of poison ivy, and to keep away from the farm's bee hives. All participants should be aware of the possibility of ticks while at the farm.  We encourage participants to wear light clothing that cover legs and feet, and to conduct “tick-checks” on the children after they have been on the farm.