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The sanctuary has a need for many skills such as: Animal Massage, veterinary skills, grooming, feeding, and caring for horses, mules, and donkeys, training, pasture/stall mucking, photo/video, grant writing, data entry/general office, building/carpentry/property maintenance, graphic design, marketing, social media, e-newsletter.


We have opportunities onsite and offsite.  Some are regular commitments i.e. morning horse care for 3 hrs every Monday.  Or episodic such as a building project, or bucking hay or a fundraising event.  Some are flexible 'as you can get to it' like data entry from home, or helping to produce an e-newsletter. 

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Background check

Zeb's Wish has a commitment to provide a safe space for the animals and people who spend time at the sanctuary.  To honor that commitment we may conduct a basic background check on volunteer applicants before they come out for an orientation.  You must agree to this in order to become a volunteer. Sign and date below if you agree to a background check.