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Hey Scramblers, it's that time of year again!

Last year, you braved the pandemic-themed tournament. This year, we're staying virtual, but taking our theme a little more... outdoors. That's your only hint -- if you want to join this year, see details below...

Whether you are a long-time Scrabbler or this is your first year experiencing the fun, join us for our 17th annual Scrabblers Scramble for Literacy fundraiser on Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 6:30 PM! Households with teams of 1-4 people will compete in four rounds of Scrabble-style challenges, with the top three finishers winning prizes - and one team will earn bragging rights for all of 2022!

Games will be played on a physical Scrabble board, so we encourage you to form a team with up to 4 people who are in your bubble. All team members should be playing from the same location so they can physically interact with the Scrabble board.

Registration is $35 per person playing on your team. Teams can be up to 4 people and all members should plan to play around the same physical Scrabble board. We ask that each team register and pay for all members of your team in one transaction. You will notice, there is also an option to purchase clues with your registration to give you an extra advantage in the game.

Once you have your team, choose a creative and unique team name. A prize will be awarded to the best team name!

Contact Information
Please fill out information for your team captain. The team captain will be sent zoom information and instructions for the event.

First Name
Last Name


About Your Team
Teams can be up to 4 people. All team members should plan on playing in the same house around the same Scrabble board.

A prize will be awarded to the best team name!

To play, you will need a physical Scrabble board and the standard 100 tiles. Your whole team will play together around the same Scrabble board.
If you want to pick up a Scrabble board, someone from ALP will contact you to arrange a time to pick one up from our office the week before the event.
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