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2019 ENTRANTS (updated as registrations come in!)
Ginny Ballard  & Ted Ballard memory of Priscilla "Pip" Ross
 Fred THE Gull honor of Mrs. Fred
 Beth Dyer memory of Beverly Dyer
Amy Rich memory of Betsy & Catherine Waller, Althea, Krsitin
 Susan Stranahan honor of all the strong women in my life
 Sarah Koerber memory of Jeanette Hamilton
 Adele Gorody memory of Tina Caldara
 Kendra McKinnon memory of Jeanette Hamilton & Joan Robinson
 Carly Knight memory ofJean Berry
Jane Leonard memory of Dorothy Hatch
Erika Neumann memory of Marina
Vicki Todd honor of mom, Kendra; memory of Louise & Emily Todd
Stephen Todd memory of my beautiful daughter, Emily Elizabeth Todd
Cameron Todd memory of great gram Jeneatte & sister Emily
Caleb Todd memory of great gram Jeanette & sister Emily
Caitlin Bowman Shirley Burgess & June Scamman
Kate McCarthy memory of Eamonn & Theron's great aunt Lynn
 Christin Nadeau honorof my mothers, memory of my grandmothers
John, Elyse, Lillian & Walker Emery memory of Bubbi Lillian, Marcia Wood, Jenny Wren!
Chip Emery memory of Marcia Wood & Jeanette Hamilton
BeverlyJohnson, Darya & Vika memory of Darlene Eyster
Courtney Doughty honor of Meme & Grandma; memory of Anne Horgan & Grandma Ducky
Jen Belesca memory of Gerry Ross, Victoria Smith, Gladys Bennett
Shannon Adams honor of amazing friends Vicki & Sarah
 Carol White memory of Ruth White, Flo Maine, Althea & Kristin
Julia Maine memory of Ms. Westra
 Chloe Dyer memory of Beverly Dyer
Betts Mayer  memory of Kit Johston, Kitty Mayer, Noreen Coutin, Marge Ashley
Joanne Anderson in honor of "island matriarchs"
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