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2023 Community Garden

Thank you for your interest in the Creston Community Gardens, located behind the Creston Neighborhood Association at 205 Carrier St NE.

To reserve a plot, you will need fill out this entire application and pay for your plot fee. Payment details will be on your confirmation page and in your email after submitting this form.

2023 Plot Fees:

- $5 DISCOUNT per ground plot for returning LARGE GROUND PLOT gardeners
- $5 DISCOUNT for gardeners who participate in a work day (can only receive 1 work day discount per plot)



Gardener Contact Information

By agreeing, you are committing to one work day: May 20th, July 8th, October 28th.

If you do not know the number, please describe its location.
Community Garden Contract
  • I will pay a membership fee as previously determined.
  • I will have something planted in my garden plot by June 1, 2023 or my plot will be considered abandoned.
  • I will respect the gardening hours established by garden coordinators: sun up to sun down.
  • I will respect the surrounding residential neighbors.
  • If I must abandon my plot for any reason, I will notify the garden coordinators.
  • I will keep weeds down and maintain the areas immediately surrounding my plot.
  • As much as possible, I will participate in the garden community.
  • If my plot becomes unkempt, I understand that I will be given a week's notice to clean it up. After that time, it will be reassigned and the produce will be given to the local food pantry.
  • If I borrow tools provided by the garden, I will return them to their proper storage.
  • If I notice any damage to the property or witness anything, I will inform the garden coordinator.
  • I will clean up trash any time I see it on or near the community garden.
  • If possible, I will participate in garden volunteer days, including spring digging and fall clean-up of the garden.
  • I will plant tall crops only where they do not shade neighboring gardens.
  • I will conscientiously use the water supplies.
  • I will pick only my own crops unless given permission by another plot's gardener.
  • I will use organic gardening methods and materials, avoiding synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and weed repellent.
  • I will maintain the community part of the garden that I sign up for. If I fail to maintain a community plot, I will not garden at the community garden next year.
  • I will not share the lock code for the tool shed with anyone who is not a registered gardener.  If I think the code has been give to non-members, I will inform the garden coordinators immediately.
  • I understand that I am responsible for my guests and myself as outlined in the garden liability waiver that I included with my registration.
  • I will be mindful and respectful of the wishes and boundaries of other gardeners.