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Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition

2021-2022 Member / Donor Form

Dues and donations of any amount help VAHC advocate for affordable housing and low-income Vermonters. We welcome new organizational and individual members and donations. Please return the following form with your check to the address below. Alternatively, you can fill out the form and pay dues or donate online by clicking “Become a Member” or “Donate” at

Suggested membership dues are based on your organization’s (or housing program’s) annual operating budget. We are, of course, grateful for higher contributions. VAHC is committed to open participation: individuals and organizations for whom the suggested amounts are a financial hardship may have dues reduced or waived. Contact if this applies to you. Donations are tax-deductible.

Contributions before the end of 2021 are most helpful!

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Suggested dues amounts are based on your organization's or housing program's annual operating budget



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The Purpose of the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition is to:
  • Ensure that all Vermonters, particularly low and moderate income persons, people with disabilities, homeless people, elders, families with children and others, have safe, adequate, physically accessible and affordable housing;
  • Encourage resident participation and control in their housing;
  • Advocate for the preservation of existing housing, protection of renters, and the development of new, perpetually affordable low and moderate income housing;
  • Promote the recognition of housing as a basic right for all Vermonters through education of the public and elected officials; and
  • Act as a catalyst in the exploration and development of innovative means to preserve and increase Vermont’s affordable housing stock.
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