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Elakha Alliance Feasibility Study Draft - Feedback Form

The Elakha Alliance released its draft Feasibility Study on August 30, 2021.  Through November 30th, 2021 we are soliciting feedback and inviting readers to ask questions that we may be able to address in the final draft or otherwise.



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If you are providing feedback for an organization or have a particular interest you'd like us to recognize, please let us know.

Please write as much as you'd like about the Feasibility Study Draft. If you are providing feedback on a specific Chapter or Chapters, please be specific so we can route the feedback to the correct Chapter authors.

If you have questions you hope a final draft of the Feasibility Study addresses, please write them here. If the question pertains to a specific chapter or chapters, please let us know which so we can route the questions to the correct chapter authors.

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