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Make your GivingTuesday gift to support ongoing maintenance of schooner Adventuress!

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Join us for GivingTuesday on Tuesday, November 28th where every dollar donated goes towards the upkeep and maintenance of the fully restored schooner Adventuress - a 110-year-old National Historic Landmark. 

Below are helpful donation levels toward project costs: 

  • $10,000 - The continuous care and maintenance of the deck. 
  • $5,000 - The Deckhouse top project which includes the replacement of the cotton canvas covering and combing. 
  • $2,500 - Update Adventuress’ cathodic protection system to help protect our underwater metals including the propellor, prop shaft, and ballast keel. 
  • $1,000 - Fabrication and continued care of new mast boots for each mast. Mast boots help to keep the water from sitting against the wood of the mast while preserving the protective salt around the wedges to help preserve the mast, and keeps rain out of the cabin space 
  • $750 - Streamline/simplifying running back stays so that the main and topmasts work together and to help support the rigging when the going gets rough. 
  • $500 - Update the sails reefing system for faster reefing and better sail tension. 
  • $400 - Provide varnish and time to re-varnish the main boom. 
  • $250 - Adopt a Box Kit for use by a winter volunteer! Box would include all the supplies needed to get the box revarnished for the sailing season. Items may include sandpaper, rags, varnish, paint brushes, thinner, gloves, respirator, etc.  
  • $250 - Materials and labor to paint both butterfly hatches 
  • $100 - New sets of fairleads for the shrouds and lazy jacks to help prevent the rigging from chaffing. 
  • $50 - Respirator cartridge for safety of crew and volunteers 

We are grateful for your contribution of any amount. A donation of $1,000 or more, will ensure your place in our Centennial Circle - a special group of contributors with year-round sails, events and opportunities to gather. You will also receive a custom bronze pin specially designed by Port Ludlow artist Cavin Ritchie upon joining the "circle". Thank you!


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Thank you for your generous GivingTuesday donation!