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March 10, 2023: Basic First Aid and CPR Training for Trail Crews- Zigzag Ranger District Station, North Compound

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Register here for the Friday, March 10th, in-person skills training and assessment for Basic First Aid and CPR Training with a Wilderness Focus offered through Clackamas Community College and offered at the Zigzag Ranger District Station, North Compound. This training has two required parts:

  1. An online, self-paced learning module (4-6 hours) to be completed in advance of the onsite skills assessment.
  2. An in-person skills verifcation (approx. 6 hours) beginning at 10 am, at the Zigzag Ranger District Station, North Compound.

By registering for this program, you will receive the following at least two weeks before the scheduled skills verification: a participation waiver, information on how to access the online training portal, and information about what to bring and what to expect at the in-person training. The online learning module must be completed in advance of the in-person skills verificaiton.

Skills verification will be offered outdoors in groups of up to 7 participants per instructor. Skills verification will require participants to interact with others in their small group as practice patients and aid providers with COVID precautions in place. 

Successful completion of the program will result in a 1st Aid/CPR card valid for 2 years.

CCC uses the Health and Safety Institutes (HSI) Medic First Aid curriculum. The curriculum is tailored for those working in a backcountry setting.

Training costs for volunteers maintaining trails on public lands are being subsidized with funds from USFS-Region and the Bureau of Land Management.

Questions: Contact Steph Noll, | 503-290-4569.

(If you work/volunteer with more than one, please choose the organization that invited you to register and/or shared a discount code with you.

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