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Volunteer Registration

Once you are registered in our system, you will be able to sign up for specific volunteer opportunities that open up throughout the year. Watch our Facebook page for announcements and news on how you can help.

Important note: The Prince William SPCA does not certify volunteers hours for court-related requirements.

The Prince William SPCA occasionally has opportunities for youth volunteers 15-18 years of age WITH a parent or guardian in attendance. P.A.W. Express adoption events are not included in youth activities and volunteers must be 18 years old for this opportunity. If children under 18 years old sign-up for a volunteer activity and a parent or guardian does not sign-up, unaccompanied children will not be able to participate due to liability issues. 

Join the Prince William SPCA Facebook Volunteer Group to receive updates and announcements on volunteer opportunities.

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If you are not 18, please do not fill out this form.

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