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Third Party Event Form

Thank you for your interest in organizing a third party fundraiser to benefit Cleveland Rape Crisis Center! We are grateful for your support. A third party fundraiser is any activity organized by a non-affiliated group or individual in which Cleveland Rape Crisis Center has no financial responsibility and little to no staff involvement.

In order to preserve the reputation of Cleveland Rape Crisis Center in our community and ensure understanding between the organizer and our staff, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center must approve in advance all third party fundraisers which make use of Cleveland Rape Crisis Center’s name, logo, or materials.

Please complete this form and agreement prior to promoting your fundraiser.

Please fill out the information below and we will contact you regarding your event.

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Fundraiser Event Details

Please provide as much information as you can.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is happy to support any event that lines with our mission; supporting survivors of rape and sexual abuse, promotes healing and prevention and advocates for social change. Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is not able to support any event tied to a political organization, certain products, services, political parties or political issues.

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