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Advanced Giant Master Program Registration

After completing the basic Giant Master challenge, use this form to register for any of the Sleeping Giant Park Association's Advanced Giant Master programs (4-Season, 12-Month, or Marathon). This form should only be used for the Advanced Giant Master programs, not for the basic program program.

Contact Information


Completing the basic Giant Master program is required before embarking on any of the advanced programs. A unique Giant Master number is assigned to everyone who completed the basic program. If you've forgotten your number, you can look it up here:
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Those wishing to register for any for the Advanced Giant Master program must be current members of SGPA, and must maintain their membership for the entire time that they are working towards completing the program. To become a member, please visit:
I understand that, during the time I am completing any of the Advanced Giant Master programs, I must maintain an active membership with SGPA. I agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations at the park, and understand that I am undertaking this challenge at my own risk.