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Are you making your property more firesafe? Let us know!

Please submit by October 31, 2024

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Household Fire Risk Contributions

If you submitted a form in the previous year by October 1, you may include any work you've done since then to be counted this year.

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1. Home Ignition Zone – HOUSE - 0 to 5 feet from foundation

(roof to foundation risk reduction)

  • Clean litter from roof and gutters
  • Screen vents, enclose soffits and eaves
  • Clean and clear under decks (flammables and vegetation)
  • Fire resistant roofing, siding or decking
  • Replace mulch with gravel and stone
  • Remove pine needles and leaves
  • Trim back trees that hang over 5 foot areas near foundation
  • Move firewood 30 feet from house and cover with a Firesafe tarp

2. Intermediate Zone - 5 to 30 Feet from House

Intermediate Zone - 5 to 30 Feet from House

  • Clear vegetation from under large stationary propane tanks
  • Create fuel breaks with driveways, walkways/paths, patios, dry creeks
  • Space trees with an 18’ separation between tree canopies
  • Reduce all ladder fuels, prune shorter trees up to 1/3 of overall tree height
  • Thin and limb up all trees reducing distance to minimum of 18’ between the crowns
  • Cluster trees and shrubs to break up the continuity of vegetation to discourage fire flow
  • Tree canopy no closer that ten feet to the edge of structure

3. Extended Zone - 30 to 100 Feet from House

Extended Zone - 30 to 100 Feet from House

  • Remove all needles within 30 feet of house
  • Thin trees and ladder fuels, small conifers growing between mature trees
  • Remove vegetation adjacent to storage sheds
  • Trees 30-60 feet from home should have 12 feet between canopy tops


include costs for dump runs

rental or purchase

for example, re-siding or re-roofing

Total Money Spent

Sum of costs for Materials and Other Money Spent