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Creating Child-Like Rest

(After Event Group Viewing)

Rest and Quiet are more than taking a nap or reading a book alone. Join Amy Brown for a three-hour training in how we can all utilize quiet as a key component to relational health. Learn how to create micro-rests while in conversation and how to enter a state of rest after moments of joy and negative interactions. Gain skills that will help increase your self-awareness in relationships, as well as your ability to sustain joy in your life.

This recording will include both teaching and exercises. We recommend groups of 3 for practicing the exercises. 

Important Notes: 

  • Because the relational skills are best practiced in community, we now sell our post-event recordings as group bundles. We are offering discounted rates for various group sizes.
  • Providing additional participant names and emails is optional. We recommend this if the friends in your group would like us to keep record of their participation in this event.
  • You will receive the event recording and handout in your confirmation email. Please only forward this to number of individuals you have paid for in your package.
  • If you are looking for pricing for groups beyond 50 individuals in size, please contact us at

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