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Lakefront Cleveland Poetry Festival

Join us for a week-long poetry festival featuring some of the best poets and editors working today. This festival is designed to help you draft new poetry, share your work, advance your craft, and get published. 



Sunday, Apr 24 at 7pm ET - Kickoff: State of Poetry Panel & Presenters' Read

Monday, Apr 25 at 7pm ET - Kaveh Akbar Workshop - The Word Dropped Like a Stone: Sacred Poetics Under the Reign of the Money God

Tuesday, Apr 26 at 7pm ET - Quartez Harris Workshop - New Again: Generative Sonnet Form

Wednesday, Apr 27 at 7pm ET - Ariana Brown Workshop - Love, Names & Odes

Thursday, Apr 28 at 7pm ET - Valerie Hsiung Workshop - Poetry as Architecture

Friday, Apr 29 at 7pm ET - Cleveland Poets Showcase & Open Mic

Saturday, Apr 30 at 11am ET - Editor Roundtable on Publishing 


NOTE: The closing event for the festival is the CSU Poetry Center Lighthouse Reading on Sunday, May 1 at 7pm ET featuring Mary Biddinger, Kamden Hilliard, and Valerie Hsiung at Superelectric Pinball Parlor (6500 Detroit Ave, Cleveland OH, 44102). This is event is free and open to the public. It does not require registration.  

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