Adopt-A-Waterfall Report

One moment please...

Please submit a separate report for each waterfall visited. If you enter two waterfalls in one report, only one will be counted.

If you have someone helping you, they can file their own report, or you can add their hours in your report. If you add their hours, please enter the number in the “Helper Volunteer Hours” field.

You do not have to be an official waterfall adopter to file a report, but we do ask that you read the adopter instructions, which has important information you need to know.

Did you take any photos of your outing? We would love to see them and possibly post them on our social media pages. Use the photo upload link in this form.

Please share your cleanup photos with us!

Click here to upload photos.  You must upload photos using this link, then return and fill out the report form and click the Submit button.

Important note: Photo upload form opens in a new window on most browsers, but if it doesn't and you click the Back button to return to this form, it will erase info you've already entered. So, submit your photos before filling out and submitting form. 


If the waterfall you visited is not listed in the dropdown, select "Not on List" at the top and it will open a field where you can enter the name.

Enter name of waterfall that is not in the above dropdown list.
If you had helpers, list their hours in the next field.
If you have more than one helper, you can combine their hours.
Please choose the closest quantity, in gallons, from the dropdown. A standard kitchen trash bag holds 13 gal; a standard large trash bag holds 30/32 gal; a plastic grocery bag holds about 2 gal; a 5-gallon bucket holds, um, 5 gal. If you’re not sure, make a guess. If you remove any large items, list those in the Comments field.

Tree removal, cairn removal, etc.

Trash remaining, trail work needed, etc.