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Please name the Marvelous Mentor (s) that you are thanking with this gift. You can include more than one, but be clear about how much money should go to each teacher and which message belongs with which teacher. For example, if you gave a total of $50 dollars, you could divide it up like this: Mrs. X ($25), Mr. Y ($25).

Please describe (or have your child describe) what makes this person extraordinary. These words will be included on your educator's certificate presented by Dr. Edsell. Example: "Mrs. X is the most amazing teacher, and always has a smile for Susie."

Please list how you would like your gift to be recognized to your Marvelous Mentor. Example: "Susie Smith and Family" "Anonymous" "Happy holidays from the Smith Family"
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Please mail your check in the amount noted below to: NHJ Educational Foundation 802 S. Indian Creek Drive Trafalgar, IN 46181 If you would prefer to pay online using a credit card, please return to the NHJEF website and select the option to "Click here to register and pay by credit card."

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